The Golden Yellow Abu Simbel Temple

by Manal

When you go to Aswan City in South Egypt, you can see the Abu Simbel Temple. This place is an amazing golden yellow, made a long time ago. The first Pharaoh, Ahmos, made the statue for himself from a golden yellow rock. When you look to the statue, you can see the Pharaoh Ahmos. After that, he built the temple around the statue. He drew a picture and wrote all of his history in and around the walls inside the temple. However, when he built the temple, he made one hole to enter the golden yellow light of the sun on his statue’s face. It does so twice each year: one on Ahmos’ birthday, and the other on the anniversary of when he became king. I think when you see that shape for the golden yellow coming to Ahmos’ face, you feel surprise, because it is a great happening, and you ask yourself, how can he do this before more than six thousand years of technological progress?